RWBL Virtual SGM to agree season end and outcome

Hi all,
Thank you to all those that attended our first ever Virtual Meeting. It was remarkably successful and we gained much learning experience from it. A copy of the presentation is here. We agreed that the U12 and U13 divisions would be decided by average points per game played and that the U12 Cup will be shared by the two finalists.
We also announced at the meeting that RWBL would for next season agree a £7,000 deficit in order to reduce the team fees for next season and in some cases make them fee of charge.
We also announced that the AGM, which will be on Thursday 11th June at 8:15pm would also be run as a virtual meeting using Zoom. Finally our Treasurer Phil Mash announced that he would be running bi-monthly open forums using Zoom. The inaugural forum being at 8:15pm on Thursday 7th May.
Stay safe,

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